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MY MUM IS DYING!!! Because of Infospace!

9 Wishes on 09/09/09

In Mini-News 2.0 (2008):

Featured! Google to Buy Mini-News?
Why Google would be interested to buy Mini-News.com
Featured! All Top Mini-News
Introduction to Mini-News 2.0 ideas on example of AllTop.com
AllTop without Guy Kawasaki?
How To Be #1 on Twitter!
Featured! Bill Gates Who?
The Past And Future!
Personal thoughts:
How much is to NOT SHUT DOWN Infospace?
"Take Me Now!"
Syndication Reinvented: Mini-Sharing
Featured! Ads-FREE Web
Mini-News' "Clean Web" Solution: Opt-in Ads
Bye Bye, ADs
People *HATE* Ads!!! Nobody clicks them. Just Say No to Ads!
City with no ads
Sao Paulo, Brazil, - City Without Ads: Today & Tomorrow
What mini-car, mini-PC, and mini Web have in common?
Ultra-cheapeness is the newest trend? Rather, - minimalism!
Think bigger, - think of Mini Internet!
Lost in a slow net: Ukrainian reality
Back to the USSR
US police returns two people to the country that does not exist!
With only $20 dollars in their pockets. In America they leave several houses ...
Devoted to today's visit of US President to Ukraine (Mar-31-2008)
Live FAIR!
Thoughts from the person, whose honor University diploma was signed by the President of America.
Twelve years later
Featured! I Have a Dream
A kind of the famous "I Have a Dream" speech, delivered by Martin L. King,
-- but about Internet!
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